DONG DUONG SG – The leading steel distributor in VIETNAM

DONG DUONG SG – A leading steel distributor

Construction iron and steel quotation including sales and consulting steel prices are supplied and distributed by our DONG DUONG SG steel system to the nationwide market.

Đại lý sắt thép xây dựng nhập hàng trực tiếp nhà máy giá tốt cho công trình
Đại lý sắt thép xây dựng nhập hàng trực tiếp nhà máy giá tốt cho công trình – BAOGIATHEPXAYDUNG.COM

If customers are looking for steel agents, steel distributors, want to order construction steel, profiled steel, purlin corrugated iron and many other construction materials, please contact DONG DUONG SG company for advice. Free consultation and quote.

  • As a grade 1 steel agent, with a nationwide network of stores, companies, and distribution agents, we buy directly from the factory, so we have the cheapest and most competitive steel price for consumers.
  • The large construction steel sales network and convenient transportation arrangement, helps our system to transport 24/7, ensuring the progress of the work.
  • As a reputable steel dealer, we solve all customer problems, both before and after completing the delivery, if detecting the wrong quantity, wrong goods, wrong collection of money compared to with the amount quoted intentionally, please report it back to us, we will absolutely handle it strictly to solve the problem for you.

With the headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City, the system is convenient to trade and sign economic contracts with domestic and foreign units.

Thúc đẩy xuất nhập khẩu thép trên toàn hệ thống đạt kết quả cao
Thúc đẩy xuất nhập khẩu thép trên toàn hệ thống đạt kết quả cao – BAOGIATHEPXAYDUNG.COM

DONG DUONG SG is proud to be the leading steel trading system, always putting prestige first, being sincere, respectful and ready to cooperate for mutual development. As a young team, our business style is based on the following factors:

  • Be honest with customers about product quality, weight and origin.
  • Reasonable prices, fast delivery, on time and dedicated service to customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Building and maintaining trust and reputation with customers through the quality of products and services provided.

DONG DUONG SG – Iron and Steel Quotes 24/7

Regarding iron and steel, we divide construction steel and profile steel.

Construction steel includes coil (steel grade CT3, CB240, SAE 1008, SAE 1006) and rebar (steel grade CB300V, CXB400V, SD295, SD390, CB500V, SD490, Gr40, Gr60) of brands: Pomina Steel, Southern steel, Hoa Phat steel, Viet My VAS steel, Tung Ho steel, Thai Nguyen Tisco steel, VJS Japanese steel, Viet Australia steel, Viet Nhat Vinakyoei steel, Viet Duc VGS steel, Vietnam Italy VIS steel….

Đại lý báo giá sắt thép xây dựng cấp 1 có đủ thép cuộn và thép thanh vằn
Đại lý báo giá sắt thép xây dựng cấp 1 có đủ thép cuộn và thép thanh vằn – BAOGIATHEPXAYDUNG.COM

Profiled steel includes: U-shaped steel, V-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, sheet steel, black pipe steel, zinc bar steel, galvanized steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, cast steel pipe, black box steel, galvanized box steel, B40 mesh, roofing corrugated iron (color corrugated iron, cold corrugated iron, galvanized corrugated iron, corrugated iron) coiled corrugated iron, galvanized C purlin, galvanized Z purlin, round tiling, square tiling, solid round steel, steel solid square, larsen poles (lotus leaf steel poles), steel rails (train rails, crane rails, square rails)

Kho thép hình H U I V tấm ống hộp các loại
Kho thép hình H U I V tấm ống hộp các loại

Iron and steel prices fluctuate constantly depending on supply – demand. When supply does not meet demand, steel prices will be pushed up. Conversely, when the demand of customers decreases, the output of iron and steel exceeds the quantity consumed, the price will be somewhat reduced. The price of iron and steel at each time of the year will be different, the construction season as at the beginning of the year the price is somewhat higher. Besides, it also depends quite a lot on the world market and production costs of each brand. So to update accurate quotes here is extremely difficult. So when you have a need to order iron and steel, please contact us via hotline & zalo hotline on the website.

In addition to providing iron and steel, construction materials, we are constantly recruiting agents on the online system (which are stores, steel agents nationwide, located in localities across the country. goods, advertising services, products related to the construction industry, building materials, iron and steel, construction, interior, exterior ….

Kho tôn thép xà gồ
Kho tôn thép xà gồ – BAOGIATHEPXAYDUNG.COM

DONG DUONG SG would like to express our deep gratitude to our associates and partners who have placed their trust in the development of the company and look forward to continuing to receive more cooperation from you. Wishing all our customers and partners health, success and prosperity!!!

• MST: 0314451282 – Register on June 8, 2017
• Address: 70/28 Vo Van Van Street, Quarter 1, Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
• Phone: 0935.059.555 – 0888.197.666
• Email:
• Account number: 060152120438 Sacombank Bank Binh Tan Branch, Ho Chi Minh City


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